Food For Thought: Ubiquitous Human Computing

question mark“Over the next 15 years, some of the most notable advances in computing will be in its relationship to people: distributing human mindpower to solve problems both large and small, and monitoring and ultimately altering people’s bodies and actions in ways previously impossible.  These are not phenomena to be avoided so much as they are to be organized and perhaps regulated so that their ubiquity will enhance rather than debase the human condition.

Shaping them will require an informed and widespread debate with tools drawn from many disciplines.  Philosophers will attempt to construct a utilitarian calculus.  Computing security professionals will ask what information we want to protect, and then seek to construct a security system.  Without being able to foresee every problem ahead, it makes sense to reflect on the values we consider most important, such as autonomy, privacy, and health, and the case studies to place them appropriately in tension, so we can build and refine systems sensitive to them.”

-Jonathan Zittrain, Ubiquitous Human Computing.  Read more here.

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