Technology and The Environment: What Is Our Ethical Obligation To Nature?

1035588_nature_buttons_11Global climate change, sustainable energy, being “green.” These are terms we hear everyday – but what do they mean, and why are they important? 

Historically, ethical frameworks have rarely considered our moral obligations to “nature”– the planet was too vast and seemingly unalterable to be considered in our decision-making. Concerns for destroying the food chain, changing the climate patterns, or poisoning soil that would affect people for thousands of years to come were simply not considered because the planet seemed impervious to mankind’s actions. 

But technology has changed everything. From nuclear power to genetic engineering to global warming, humans now have the ability to fundamentally reshape the course of the planet. What questions does having this power raise, and how can we address them?

At The Technological Citizen, we will be exploring the impact that technology has on the environment on a broad level. What is green energy and how can we achieve it? What is agricultural biotechnology and how is it shaping the future of food and plant systems? But also, we will be looking at the technologies we use each day and their impact. Where do our iPods, cell phones, and computers go when we throw them away? What chemicals are in the products we use each day, and what affect do they have on the environment?

In moving forward through the technological era, we must reflect on these issues and assess how we are to proceed: the future of the planet is at stake. Tune into The Technological Citizen to explore these topics in more detail.

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